Moon and Movie Night

Our Moon and Movie Night event is a night of telescopes, astronomy, science, food, and a movie! The event is a partnership between the City of Purcell Parks and Recreation Department, the Ten Acre Observatory, the Odyssey Astronomy Club, and the OKC Astronomy Club. We have many astronomers, professional and amateur, bring out their telescopes to check out the moon and other heavenly bodies that are visible in the night sky. Everyone gets to enjoy a movie while they play and learn about space!

2023 Moon and Movie Night - Shrek

  • 6:30 PM
  • 7:00 PM
    • Once it gets dark enough, enjoy the crazy fairy tale, Shrek!
    • Telescopes will be out for viewing of the moon, Saturn, and other sights!

Thank you to our sponsors! - OEC Fiber and Purcell Walmart

moon and movie night 2022