Emergency and Service Alerts

A new messaging system for general and emergency alerts is coming to the City of Purcell. The new system is an easy-to-use platform that will allow for rapid and timely messaging, especially during a crisis.

The new messaging system can provide lifesaving emergency information during adverse weather, as well as notify the public about power outages and other service interruptions. Notifications can be sent by phone, SMS, email, and social media. The system is very flexible and much more precise, meaning that citizens will be less likely to receive unwanted messages. Once a citizen creates their account, they can add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses on their account, allowing them to be notified of emergencies or outages at other locations.

To increase the success of the new system, it is very important that information is entered correctly during the initial setup and updated frequently.

Rachael Huey, Purcell Emergency Management Director

Sign Up and Setup

Be sure to add the following contact information to your Contacts so that they are not sent to your spam folder:
Phone Number: (405) 527-0402
SMS Number: 65513
Email Address: noreply@genasys.com

Registration and Log In

Follow the links below to register or log in to our new Genasys Alerting software:
Genasys Registration Link
Genasys Portal Log-In Link

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about our new Genasys Alerting software, please follow the link below:
Genasys Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Emergency Management

    Mailing Address
    230 W. Main St.
    Purcell, OK 73080

    Phone: 405-527-4612 ext. 209
    Emergency Phone: 405-527-4600