Main StreetScape

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A graphic describing Main StreetScapeThe contractor for the exciting start of the Main StreetScape Project begins moving equipment and workers into downtown Purcell Monday, May 22nd, 2023.

On Main Street between Canadian and 3rd Avenue you will see Rudy Construction crews raising some dust to remove the old and build the new.  New ADA compliant parking and sidewalks, added attractive lighting and landscaping.  Please have patience and we hope you can show your appreciation for workers from Rudy Construction, ODOT and the City of Purcell who are working together in the area to make the downtown businesses more successful when the dust settles. Rudy Construction is experienced in these kind of projects and comes well recommended from other cities. 

Thank you for your support. Watch for regular updates!

Traffic Maps and Information

Follow the link below for a map of the planned layout for traffic control and work progression.
5-22-2023 Traffic Control Map PDF

Follow the link below for a copy of the art work and design for the Main StreetScape project:
Main StreetScape Art Boards and Displays PDF

Main StreetScape Project Updates
5-19-2023Message boards to be installed announcing start date of 5-22-2023
5-22-2023Traffic control to be set up Monday morning before 7:00am.

Crews and equipment will begin arriving after 7:00am.