Purcell City Lake Trail Projects

Building our recreational trail, one phase at a time...

The City of Purcell is constructing a recreational trail around Purcell City Lake.  To accomplish this task, we are breaking the overall project up into pieces, or phases.  For each phase, we are applying for the Recreational Trails Program grant through the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.  

  • Engineers have been consulted to begin drawing up an estimate of the overall trail and each of its phases.
  • The grant would pay 80% of the cost, and the city would pay 20% of the cost.
  • There will be no tax increase to fund the project.
  • This grant application is for the second phase of the Trails project.
  • This grant is administered by the Federal Highway Administration to the Federal Trails Program which is then distributed by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism
  • This grant project would continue the foot/biking/mountain biking trail around the entirety of Purcell Lake.
  • The trail would be 10 feet wide.
  • We would like to receive letters from the community. The letters should say why people do/do not want the trail, and how the trail will impact the city.

Contact Us

Letters can be emailed to the Parks and Recreation department, dropped off in person at City Hall or the Parks Department at the Multipurpose Center, or mailed to Lake Trail Project at the following location:
230 W Main
Purcell, OK 73080

Purcell City Lake Amenities Price Sheet